Dollhouse of crocodile skin Bardini.

What is the baker? Kupyurnitsa - this is one of the most popular accessories among business men. It allows you to conveniently store banknotes without bending them, while maintaining a neat appearance. And also always have on hand all the necessary cards.

The Bardini bills have a good capacity and allow you to store a sufficient number of bills.

In addition to its functional qualities, the cinnabar is an accessory that will emphasize a solid position in society.

In the online store Bardini you will find a stylish crocodile bills at a nice price.

Billiards Bardini made of genuine crocodile leather of premium quality. Why precisely crocodile skin? This material, more than anyone, will better emphasize the status, style and personality of the owner. Indeed, for a long time, the skin of a reptile is a symbol of masculinity and strength.

And of course we can not mention the practical properties of crocodile leather. It differs in the special durability and wear resistance. What allows you to create a product that with proper care can last more than a dozen years.

The online store Bardini presents bills of several shades.

Each accessory has a matte leather finish inside and is equipped with convenient business card and card compartments.


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