Stylish crocodile leather gloves.

For a long time, gloves for a man were more than just a wardrobe item that warms his hands in bad weather. Previously, with the help of gloves, men summoned each other to a duel, throwing the accessory to the opponent in the face and thus, showing their superiority and self-confidence.

Now, fortunately, everything was different. Now, for a man, elegant reptile leather accessories can become an indicator of success and confidence.

Gloves are a way to emphasize the status and aesthetic taste of the owner, as well as to make your image complete. Gloves will be ideally combined with the classic image, adding aristocracy to it.

In the online store Bardini you can buy high quality crocodile leather gloves at a decent price.

To create gloves special attention is paid to the selection of material and the development of patterns. Leather gloves Bardini sit well and fit the male hand.

In addition to the noble and elegant look, Bardini crocodile leather gloves are resistant to temperature changes. They retain their original appearance for a long time and you can not worry that the skin will lose its presentable appearance after the first cold weather.


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