We are always glad to cooperate and develop.

Therefore, have prepared individual conditions for different areas of sales in the field of trade in men's accessories. We hope that you will choose for yourself the most favorable and convenient way from the offered.





Purchase to the warehouse of the partner store. If you enter into partnership with our trademark on the basis of the wholesale client, then you undoubtedly receive the best conditions of work with our shop. The lowest prices, favorable and convenient payment methods, assistance in training employees (pre-sales training and advice on working with our range), free delivery to the store warehouse and other favorable conditions, which are discussed individually based on the characteristics of the partner store.





If you are the owner of a shopping club, we can also provide you with conditions that will interest you. Photo, the appropriate download file for your store, payment terms with deferred payment, contractual relationship on mutually beneficial terms.

Also we are ready to consider options of cooperation with retail shops, outlets and other showrooms, on mutually beneficial unique conditions which are discussed individually.

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