How to choose a crocodile wallet and purse?

How to choose a crocodile wallet and purse?

A purse and a purse are two indispensable accessories in everyday life. They will always find a place in the men's wardrobe. In addition to the basic functions of storing money and cards, this accessory will become a bright accessory that will emphasize the image favorably.

No matter what you prefer: a wallet or a purse, these irreplaceable things are actively used every day, which means you should pay special attention to their choice.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the wallet. There is no universal advice here. It is worth building on your personal goals and preferences.

Do you use small-sized bags or do you prefer to walk without them? Then you will suit a purse made from crocodile leather, which fits in the inner pocket of a jacket or coat. Alternatively, you can consider the full-size wallet format.

The second is its appearance and workmanship.

Choosing a crocodile skin wallet carefully look at the structure of the material. Reptile genuine leather has fine pores that can be seen upon close examination. See also how the skin cells are located. On the product of genuine crocodile leather, they can not be arranged symmetrically. If you observe perfect symmetry -

You can be sure that before you imitation of crocodile skin.

If the wallet is made of a piece of leather with characteristic skin growths in the form of bumps, then try to click on one of them. The tubercle should not sag. In its structure, these are necessarily solid and dense formations that will be hard to bend. You damage your finger faster.

Look at the fittings. What is her condition? Zipper and all fasteners should provide easy access to things.

Pay special attention to the seams. If they are taped, then the high probability that the wallet will serve you is not long. The best option - stitched with thread.

This is how Bardini wallets are made.

For firmware which uses high-strength threads of premium quality.

Another important factor is capacity. Check the size of the compartments. Do the cards and all the necessary things fit into them?

Going more closely to the choice of purse and wallet, you will get a really high-quality accessory, which will make your life more comfortable and give the image a special elegance.

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