Crocodile leather accessories.

Crocodile leather accessories.

Stylists in one voice say: “style create details!”. And in fact, we can not disagree with them. Notice how the selected image starts to play in a new way, adding a few details to it? For example, choosing the right bag or belt. Or, on the contrary, did you get the impression that something was missing? In the modern world, not only your skills and knowledge are important, but also how you look. Properly created image is one of the tools to achieve your goals. And as if we did not resist, but most people still meet on clothes. Accessories are a necessary part of a man’s wardrobe that requires special attention. Usually, they become your business card and indicate the status and social position in society, your achievements and the presence of good taste. And if you come to a meeting in an expensive, ideally ironed suit, but with a battered bag in your hands, the impression of a successful and confident person in a moment can evaporate. And vice versa, stylish high-quality bag will only enhance the image of a successful person.

What rule should be followed when choosing men's accessories? They must be made of genuine quality leather. Textured crocodile leather looks especially stylish. In antiquity, only upper classes could afford reptile products as well as to know, and since then this material has been considered one of the symbols and indicators of the success of its owner. Characteristic products made of genuine crocodile leather will not leave their owner unnoticed and will help create the right impression! There is one more rule to follow. Accessories must be selected so that so that they are in the same style and fit the “mood” of your image. If you are an adherent of the classic style, then you should pay attention to the accessories of concise models in black or brown. And if you prefer a more informal style, you can afford to give free rein to bright colors. For example, there is no perfect combination

What are the combination of classic jeans with a belt of deep blue or sky color? And in order not to be mistaken in the selection of accessories, try to listen to yourself and answer two questions:

What impressions do I want to create? And what impression does a particular thing create?

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