Men's shoes made of genuine crocodile leather. How to care?

Men's shoes made of genuine crocodile leather. How to care?

Whether we like it or not, shoes are one of the main elements in our wardrobe.

She gives the image a complete and elegant look. High-quality shoes, like a litmus test in your image, which reflects the taste, well-being, accuracy of the owner.

It has long been so that when we meet, the first thing we pay attention to is shoes.

In what condition is it and is it suitable for the image?

When we meet a man in worn, dirty shoes - it seems that he is either inaccurate in life or his business is not going very well.

If we meet a stranger in clean, polished, elegant shoes - he definitely has a good taste,

knows a lot about life and walks through life with a confident step.

What shoes will make a lasting impression, add chic to the image and become a symbol of a successful person?

Shoes made of genuine crocodile leather. There is no material from which the product would look more aesthetically pleasing than from reptile skin.

The unique texture will add character to even the most everyday image, will become a reflection of the individuality and masculinity of its owner.

A big plus of shoes is that genuine crocodile leather is distinguished by its particularly strong and wear-resistant properties. And with proper care, she will serve you for many years.

But how to properly care for shoes made of genuine leather reptiles?

If the footwear is heavily soiled, they must be removed with a delicate shoe brush and soap saddle. Dip the bristles in a container of water and grab some soap. Brush the shoe with a circular motion.

The surface of the shoe should be covered with soapy foam.

After that, wipe the shoes with a cotton towel and let it dry. Ideally, leave your shoes to dry all night.

If the shoe is not heavily soiled, just wipe it with a cloth soaked in plain water.

Next, use a napkin to apply cream on the shoes,

designed for crocodile skin. The movements should be smooth to avoid damage to the material.

If there is not enough shine - use wax.

And the final stage - use shoe impregnation, which will preserve the perfect look of your shoes and protect against external factors on the skin.

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