Men's crocodile loafers. What to wear?

Men's crocodile loafers. What to wear?

Moccasins - shoes, the benefits of which are appreciated by many men. They are not inferior in comfort to sneakers, while they fit perfectly into the casual look and will become indispensable in cases where you want maximum comfort, but without losing a presentable appearance. For example, while traveling.

The progenitors of this shoe became the North American Indians. Each tribe had a special form of shoes and jewelry, which became the hallmark of the tribe. And the height of the shoes could be completely different: to the knee, like boots or ankle-deep.

What are the distinguishing features of moccasins in our time? They do not have any either fasteners, zippers and clips. Only a jumper over the tongue is allowed.

They can have characteristic external seams that are made by hand. They are often compared to “second skin”. Moccasins fit the leg and sit softly.

In what manner loafers will be appropriate. This shoe is one of the components of two styles: casual and smart-casual.

It is worth noting that such shoes are definitely inappropriate in combination with a strict business suit or tuxedo. As well as in combination with socks. In no case should they peek out from under the shoes, and the space between the shoes and the edge of the trousers should be bare.

If you are uncomfortable wearing shoes on your bare foot - pay attention to sporting cropped socks or cotton footsteps that will relieve you of discomfort and will not be noticeable to others.

When drawing up an image with moccasins, it’s enough to remember one rule: these shoes can be worn with absolutely any things, which do not fit into the framework of a business or sports style.

For example, they will be the perfect complement to a summer loose linen suit; jeans clothes; T-shirts “polo”, cotton informal check shirts, a bomber jacket or a jumper.

I would like to say a few more words about shoes of non-standard bright colors.

For shoes of bright colors, choose white or light gray trousers and a loose shirt, for example, a sky-blue shade. So you can harmoniously enter a bright accent, and the whole image will look whole.

Do not wear flesh-colored loafers for an evening out at a club or party.

If your wardrobe contains moccasins of a red shade - avoid combination with blue and black color of trousers.

And do not try to pick up the same bright shade of trousers or shorts for bright shoes. Otherwise, you will look very motley, which will lower the “degree” of your presentability.

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