New season from Bardini

New season from Bardini

This summer, Bardini decided to delight its customers with a riot of colors and bright shades of crocodile skin in its products. What have they prepared for us?

Document covers made of crocodile skin.

All our documents require the so-called "clothing". What is its purpose?

It helps:

a) Save documents in proper form. Protects them from wear and tear and is generally very convenient during transportation.

b) As a rule, a good passport cover is also an accessory that speaks about the status of its owner.

In the world of fashion, almost every detail of your image is part of something whole, and without such trifles as a watch strap, a beautiful wallet or, for example, a passport or license cover, and the image does not look that way. And if everything, every detail is selected and adjusted to the general style, then in the aggregate, your look begins to play with new colors!

And so in what colors for the 2020 season the Bardini trademark has prepared for us that very passport cover made of crocodile skin.

Black is the color of the classics. Without a doubt, one of the most popular color options among men's accessories, which almost never goes out of fashion, will be black.

Wine - undoubtedly one of the most beautiful shades among crocodile skin color, it is a wine shade, or as it is also called burgundy. It is dark, deep and rich and is not much inferior to the same dark brown for example. The dark wine shade looks amazing on belts, document covers or, for example, A4 document folders.

Gray - (more like a haze in shade), smoky gray. It is also undoubtedly a beautiful color, distinguished by its nobility and uniqueness. Not as light and faded as white. The gray color in the skin of a crocodile has its own mystery. Looks very nice in moccasins, jackets and document covers.

Dark green (emerald) is a very rare color for crocodile skin, but in theory, it is the closest to the very “crocodile skin” in nature. After all, if the crocodile's back is wet with water, its wet back will give the same emerald tint in the sun. Nevertheless, in the production of accessories from crocodile leather, in order to finish off this shade, the leather has to be dyed, since before producing any product, after processing, the crocodile skin is absolutely white. And it is the color that gives it this or that shade that the designer needs.

Brown - there are several gradations of this color, it can be either from dark brown, almost black, or to a shade of light brown, almost reddish.

It's all about taste. Sometime in the 60s-70s, it was precisely these shades of crocodile skin that were appreciated. Often in the manufacture of suitcases, business briefcases, folders or shoes, it was the brown colors that were used. And today, as you know, fashion returns and vintage, including, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of showing off, with a business portfolio that will not leave you indifferent, and perhaps even cause nostalgia for your father.

Blue - From the brightest color in the blue sky to the darkest color of the naval officer's uniform, this shade is popular in all its forms. Blue is loved equally by men and women. And an amazing fact, but it is so neutral that it suits almost everyone, without exception. Therefore, choosing a cover for a passport in blue, you definitely will not go wrong and it does not matter for whom this present will be intended. For a man or a woman.

You can see even more different shades and colors that Bardini has prepared for you in its collection of 2020 document covers in our store at:

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