Messengers made of crocodile skin.

Messengers made of crocodile skin.

Reviewing the latest Bardini products: crocodile leather messengers.

Maintaining your style is very simple. It is enough to follow the novelties released by the talented masters of the Bardini brand. Carefully selected fittings, high-quality workmanship of genuine exotic leather, perfectly smooth and neat seams: all this from year to year is the inherent advantages and standards of the brand workshop.

Only relevant this season

So, as we said at the beginning, we will talk about new items in the catalog of messenger bags. Let's talk about them.

As before, the Bardini brand adheres to a minimalist laconic design without deliberately bright, provocative design elements. Only what suits high-status men - brutal and serious.

J. Armani: "The difference between style and fashion is in quality"

It is with this phrase that the principles of the Bardini brand can be identified. The company does not pursue the latest trends and fashion trends, but creates things that will be appropriate in the wardrobe for years. One of these things remains the male messenger.

Why pay attention to Bardini messenger bags?

Each model is created with great attention to every detail. Exceptionally neat seams and quality fittings in two versions - gold and silver.

Natural exotic leather is the brand's signature. However, this year it still became popular: crocodile embossing is deliberately done to be in the subject. Our bags already allow us not only to stay on the fashionable wave, but to maintain the image at the proper level and demonstrate high status.

Each messenger is unique. In the world, you will not find exactly the same again, since the scales on the skin never repeat and always give out an original, really high-quality thing.

This year the craftsmen have expanded the catalog with models made in a new color scheme. Already, there are exclusive messengers not only black and blue, but also burgundy, gray, brown.

Now it's even easier to create a casual and business look. To complement your outfit with a stylish accessory, choose two bags in different colors and wear them at the appropriate time. For example, light brown is suitable for an informal setting, while black will become an essential assistant at business meetings.

You can see the entire range of messengers not only in the Bardini online store, but also in the boutique at Moscow, Vorontsovskaya street 32, building 1.

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