Individual tailoring of crocodile leather shoes

Individual tailoring of crocodile leather shoes

Custom-made shoes - a whim or a necessary measure?

So, consider the average man whose foot size is from 41-43.44 foot sizes. Yes, these are the most common shoe sizes among men and it will never be difficult for them to choose a new thing in any shoe store. And what about those who got into 10% of those people whose foot size is not included in the "standard size grid".

And there are many of them. You may be surprised, but it happens that it is very difficult for a man to pick up a pair of classic shoes or sneakers, and this is not at all due to the fact that he is picky in choosing a design.

It's all about something else. So, let's consider several options when you may need to tailor shoes to order.

 · Not standard (usually high) leg lift.

Due to the excessively high rise in the ankle area, a person may experience discomfort, since ordinary shoes released on a stream are not designed for this. And accordingly, in the area of ​​the rise, it will press, squeeze or rub. And this will obviously create inconvenience when wearing the shoe owner.

· Small or too large feet.

Yes, it so often happens that very voluminous or very tall men have a foot size much larger than planned by the standard ruler.

In the practice of tailoring, shoes according to individual measurements from the Bardini company, sizes 45, 46 and even 47 were encountered.

Agree, not many brands, even at the global level, make shoes of this size. Even famous basketball players, who, as a rule, are among the first to have such a problem, even order sports shoes to order.

Or a small size, which is also found, of course, not as often as a large one, but still the size of a man's feet can be 38-39. And again, a person is faced with the fact that choosing exactly what he wants to become problematic.


Bardini has an individual approach to each of its clients. In case you need a non-standard last in shoes, our designers can create just your pair, based either on nude collections or on your wishes.


To begin with, to your address, or in a show at the Bardini store, we measure and discuss the model, choose the color and accessories. Further, the sketch is sent to production, where it is already processed by the technologists and designers of the Bardini company, after which the sketch is prepared, which, as a rule, goes through another 1-2 try-ons before full approval and the final result. And in the end, you end up with the perfect pair of shoes, tailored to your foot.

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