Crocodile leather Bardini loafers

Crocodile leather Bardini loafers

The latest colors and trendy models are only here.

There are models that are bypassed by time, they are always relevant, expensive and stylish. Loafers from the brand Bardini will be in demand as long as the classics and refined taste are alive, and this means – always. This leads to the conclusion that by purchasing this model, you make a contribution to your wardrobe and status, without worrying about the fact that the prospects for this Shoe are short-term. If you get tired of wearing it, leave it to your descendants. Truly high-quality shoes will survive everything with you and keep the expensive appearance without significant changes, our masters take care of this.

"Shoes transform your body language and relationships. They lift you up both physically and emotionally." – Christian Louboutin

Louboutin in his statement reminds us of the very feeling that you feel when you put on a chic, expensive thing. At first it may seem that it is expensive and generally "too", but after a moment you realize – it is created for me!

In this Shoe is easy and comfortable. Soft skin follows the lines of the body and becomes "native" after a few days of use. This is the most pleasant thing about shoes – they are strong, light and as comfortable as possible.

Elegant men's loafers made of crocodile leather , made in a neutral smoky chocolate color. The upper is made of alligator leather , the sole is leather, the inner part is genuine leather, and the heel is stacked.

This model can perform a basic role in your wardrobe, as it is perfectly combined with everyday clothes. Do not think that with the arrival of cold weather loafers will be out of place and go for the winter in a long box. Our customers purchase similar models for driving cars and for wearing them indoors. Thanks to its light texture, the foot rests throughout the day in this Shoe.

Main advantages:

· Unique texture: the natural pattern is never repeated, so there are no two identical pairs.

· The seasonal model will actually serve you all year round.

· Easy to match with clothing and fits into almost any wardrobe.

· Maximum comfort. Genuine leather is light and very pleasant to wear.

Is it worth saying that by purchasing this model you emphasize your refined taste, status and desire for a better, comfortable life?

The Bardini brand produces shoes for the most demanding taste. Our designers are perfectionists who do not tolerate negligence and routine. Therefore, even casual shoes of our brand look very expensive and worthy.

You can see the entire range of shoes not only in the online store Bardini, but also in the showroom at the address Moscow, Vorontsovskaya street 32, building 1.

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