How to clean a crocodile skin wallet?

How to clean a crocodile skin wallet?

Crocodile leather goods are of particular quality and durability. And with proper care, the thing will be able to serve you for several decades.

In this article, masters - tanners of the European brand Bardini will tell you how to properly clean a crocodile leather wallet.

The very first thing to consider when crocodile skin care is material does not accept exposure to aggressive agents. Namely: fatty, alkaline, acid and alcohol.

All of these tools destroy the natural protein layer of natural leather, which contributes to the rapid loss of a presentable look. Also, the skin may darken or spots appear on it.

When cleaning the wallet, it is allowed to use a special tool for exotic skin or a light soap solution. In this case, it is especially important to remove it immediately after application.

Before you start cleaning, for a day keep the wallet in a warm place at a temperature of + 25-27 degrees Celsius.

Thus, crocodile skin will not shrink. It is not allowed to dry the product with a hair dryer, near the heater or in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the skin may crack, lose luster and color.

The process of cleaning products made of genuine crocodile leather:

Remove all contents from your wallet to avoid damage.

Dissolve 2-

3 gr. liquid soap in 400 ml. water and stir the solution until foam appears.

Moisten a cotton cloth in the solution and wipe the wallet.

Lightly moisten a soft cloth or towel in clean water. Work through the wallet by removing the remnants of the soap solution.

Polish the surface to shine with fleece or wool fabric.

To maximize the protection of a crocodile wallet from external influences, use a special tool or beeswax.

They will not only protect the product, but also moisturize the skin for a long time.

Gently rub the wax into the skin and lightly polish. Only 1 layer is enough!

When choosing a protective and polishing agent, we recommend using transparent or neutral shades of wax. Choosing a color wax, there is a risk that it will fully match the shade of the wallet.

If you have a wallet of matte leather, mink fat is suitable for you. But next to the stitching places, it should be applied very carefully.

Mink fat can adversely affect the strength of cotton threads.

It is also worth noting that excessive moisture will also harm a wallet made of genuine crocodile leather. Therefore, you should clean the wallet no more than once every one or two months.

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