How to distinguish natural crocodile skin from fake?

How to distinguish natural crocodile skin from fake?

Crocodile leather attracts not only its prestige, but also the fact that it has a special strength. This material was honored even by our distant ancestors. Previously, crocodile made armor and armor, and today products made of genuine leather reptiles have become a symbol of success and status.

When choosing an expensive and status crocodile product, there are always fears of fake.

In this article we will describe how you can protect yourself and identify a fake.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the product design. It is unique, like your fingerprint. With all the desire, you will not be able to find an identical ornament or what's on the other product, and even on different parts of the shoe.

Unlike calf and artificial leather - these materials have a uniform pattern and simulated crocodile skin cells will look symmetrical.

The second is the structure of the skin itself. With a detailed examination, you can see the pores through which the reptile can fully breathe.

If there are no pores, then a fake is unconditionally presented to you.

Crocodile leather products are distinguished by their unique and interesting texture that bone growths can create. If the product is made of a piece of leather with such growths, then it will be surely solid and dense formations.

When you press the tubercles will not bend. They, on the contrary, they can leave a dent in your finger.

In the case of a fake - these growths are always elastic and malleable

Another difference between natural leather - when touched, it will heat up, but remain dry.

And if you hold an imitation leather product in your hands, it will heat up and begin to get wet.

The most difficult thing to simulate the skin of the crocodile or the side. Since they have horny growths - the natural armor of a crocodile.

And despite the fact that products from the abdominal part are considered the most expensive and exclusive, it is most often tried to be faked. This is due to the fact

that there are no skin growths on it - clear indicators of the authenticity of the skin.

But it is possible to distinguish a fake.

The skin from the abdominal part of a crocodile has a non-uniform pattern of cells and inside each cell you will definitely see a small dot. Which is an undeveloped horny growth.

And if you want to finally make sure

that before you have a product made of genuine crocodile leather, ask to bring you another copy of the product. And compare it with yours. The pattern on the skin and the size of the tubercles will be different.

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